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Why You’re A Poor Parent When Your Inner Child Is Angry

The reason why you're a poor parent when your inner child is angry is because of how you will react.  You will end up react

How I Became A Pre Adoption Coach For Adoptive Parents

Do you believe everything happens for a reason? Have you ever reflected on your life to find you had one thing planned for yourself or

Why Boundaries Are Important When Raising An Adopted Child

I believe when someone adopts a child they are signing an oath do right by that child. That vulnerable child who by its very nature

An Open Letter To New Parents So They Can Be Great Parents

There are thousands of books on the market telling us how to parent and hundreds talking about adoption. Life doesn't play out like a textbook

What An Adoptee Wants You To Know BEFORE You Adopt

If you are a hopeful adoptive parent or already parenting an adopted child I can assume you are well versed in adoption trauma. I think

What Happens When Adoptions Fail From The Child’s Perspective

When hopeful adoptive parents say or hear of an 'adoption fail' that usually means an expected placement didn't happen. That happens when the birth parents

How To Never Fall Victim To Your Kids Behaviour Again

A query I hear often and one I wondered myself back in the day was 'how to never fall victim to your kid's behavior again.'

To The Woman Who Crushed My Spirit: Here’s What I Want You To Know

It was 1966 and a woman was pregnant with her second child. After much deliberating and many unsuccessful attempts to convince the father of the

7 Questions Every Adoptive Parent Should Ask Themselves Before They Adopt

You’re hoping to adopt a child. You’ve done the work, survived the emotional rollercoaster and now you can hear each tick of the clock as

What I Want My Own Adoptive Parents To Know

From a very early age, I was told that I was adopted. And while a part of me understood the facts, they had no emotional