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Free Yourself From Shame

In 15 Minutes

Speak your shame out loud so you can (finally) live a life you love.

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Anything you share is private and confidential.

 You can't live life the same when you see that shame was running the show the whole time. 

Some possible side effects you may experience after releasing your shame:

  • Lift The Burden Off Your Shoulders 

  • Release Anxiety

  • Feel Calmer & Lighter

  • Gain Confidence

  • Recapture Inner Freedom

  • Find Your True Spirit

  • Align With Your Real Self

  • Feel Fulfilled

  • Be Happy Again

  • Inner Peace

 Welcome to Suzie's Secrets...

...Your Soft Place To Fall

THE place where you can let go of the shame that you've kept secret for years.

Shame that other people have imposed on you through their opinions and expectations.

Shame that has you being someone you're not and sacrificing your joy.

Look, some people need therapy. Some just need to say it out loud and get it off their chest.

If the latter is you, then sign up below for your exclusive 15 minutes for you to purge, extinguish and eradicate the shame and start living your true self expression.

SuzieQ is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Dream Coach® and NLP practitioner

*Your 15 minute session to FREE YOURSELF FROM SHAME is a one time fee of $75 USD

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else, is the greatest accomplishment. 


Free Yourself From Shame In 15 Minutes

There are no guarantees that this session will make your life great. You are the only one who knows if this format is for you. There are no refunds. 

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