The Answers You Need Before You Bring Home Your
Adopted Child.

Set aside patterns from the past including outdated parenting styles, and let me guide you into a new future.

Adoption Coaching

You will have fun
You can address the hard issues, and learn the parenting style that works for adoptees.

You will have confidence
Wouldn’t it be great to know you were bringing your baby home to a secure new family?

You are creating a new family
Your past may have had turmoil and trauma, but your future is filled with love and happiness.

Your quality of life will improve
Stress, anxiety and fear can stay in the past as you move into a bright new future.

I can help you in many different ways
Everyone discovers something new about themselves and the future they can create.
Wouldn’t you like to discover your new possibilities?.

Pre Adoption Coaching

I am your partner in adoption success, and am with you through the process…

Working with Suzanne has given me the tools I need to not only cope with overwhelm related to raising children but also removing the emotional sting from my past. She helped me gain deeper insight as to how the way I was parented bleeds into the raising of my children. I had no idea some of the things I was doing was nothing but a reflection of what was done to me because I swore I would never let it happen. I am so grateful that I found this out now, and would urge everyone to do work with Suzanne so you too, can lay your past to rest once and for all (Hopefully before you have children).

Cindy P.


One-Day Breakthrough

I have already been through these issues and can help you avoid the pitfalls so many others have made…

I take having a baby very seriously and even more, adopting. This is why I chose to work with Suzie Q. I was finally able to make sense of the challenges in my life. I see now just what an impact the way I was parented had on me and I am beyond relieved that my children will never have to experience any of that. Everyone needs to do this and it should be mandatory before anyone has kids! Thank You!!!

Tammy G.


Whichever You Decide

My own personal growth means I can mentor you in your new adoption and guide you into the future you desire. I know what works, what problems arise, and more importantly:  How to solve problems.

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Now it’s your turn to create a wonderful family…

Step Up, Step Forward, & Step Into Your Power!

I’m SuzieQ, Your Certified:

ICBCH Life Coach,
Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, governed through  ARCH
NLP Practitioner
and Dream Coach®




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You’re Awesome!

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