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Upgrade To The ‘Slay Your Inner Demons Maintenance Pack’...

And Reinforce Your Newly Acquired Skills With Quarterly 1-1 sessions!

Committing to, and completing this course will have you ready... but everybody has variations, as they progress in their life. Some variations are very good, they get better and better.

Some variations are not so good. Events, attitudes, and psychological disappointments can knock you down.

But now you have an opportunity for quarterly maintenance sessions never before offered!

Once a quarter, you get catch-up, clean-up, or skills check-up sessions where we go through where you are, what's going on, and we get a reality check.

And if it's good or better, I'm thrilled, I'll just encourage you and I might be able to add. If it's flattened out, I'll show you how to get it on an upward trajectory. If it's gone the wrong way, we'll quickly explore it.

I'll give you some quick course correcting and directional improvement things you can do that could be great.

These are not full-blown sessions, so they're only $100 a quarter. And, if you want to prepay it, you can save an additional $25 and just pay $275!

This is a saving of $660! Which means you’re essentially only paying $137 for the entire course!

You can continue until such a time as I have a new coaching series that you might want, or we get you to the point you don't need it.

This is your ONLY opportunity to get these one-on-one check ups at this ridiculously low price.

Don't Let It Slip Away!

(Once you purchase these 45-minute one-on-one sessions, it is your discretion what they are used for. They do not need to be specific to the course.)

SuzieQ, Mindset Coach

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