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Special Price!



...Hypnotherapy For Inner Peace

Weekly online group hypnotherapy sessions for a fraction of the regular price.             

Are you ready to take back control of your life?

This is not intended for debilitating mental health matters.

Silence your mind chatter

Have greater control over your thoughts, feelings, and impulses.

Take your power back

Build resilience, resourcefulness and courage.

Self awareness

Find your inner strength and confidence. 

Do you feel sad, lost and confused?

You don't feel like yourself anymore. The world around you doesn't make much sense, either.

Your mind is feeding you with unhappy thoughts or you feel:

External Pressure




Hypnotherapy can bring you back into alignment with your real self

You've been pulled in directions that don't align with your beliefs. The fear of expressing your true feelings has you walking on eggshells because you don't want to rock the boat.

It's easier to do what makes others people happy...

...while you suffer in silence. 

Let's be honest, is it really easier when the pressure to be someone you're not feels suffocating? Is it really silent when the cycle of thoughts goes round and round in your mind?  

You've been held hostage by fear long enough. And it's time to regain your inner strength and emotional independence back.

Hypnotherapy is a proven way to do that. You will gain peace of mind that will align the heart and the mind so you can live a life true to you - even if those you love don't agree. 

I invite you to join these group sessions and start restoring your sense of self so you can live a truly meaningful life again

Pick your hypnotherapy session

Below are three coaching/hypnotherapy options.The 'Group Online' is the current offer - reduced10x it's original price.

Digital Course

This is not yet available but if you'd like to be put on a wait list, you will be notified when it's live.

One to one online

6 week, private individualized sessions.

Group Online

Join like-minded people in healing sessions that bring back the real you.

Get Started

Meet Suzie Q, your instructor

Whatever you're going through, I promise you - you are not alone! I've been a Hypnotherapist for 12 years, and a coach for 7. I am also an NLP practitioner. 

I've seen and heard a lot - from my clients and my own personal experience. My early life was tormented and through Hypnotherapy, I healed.

What's happening in the world right now is reminiscent of my early years. The chaos, shaming, guilting and division. 

It is splintering our societies, our families and quite frankly, our personalities. 

We need to get our strength and power back so we can regain full control of our lives. And we need to start healing the children. 

And that's why I'm offering this to you for next to nothing. 

 For only $30 per session, you can take YOUR power back - one session at a time. There is no commitment. You can do one session or come weekly. 

It will always be your choice. 

Examples of available sessions

Each live session will begin with group conversation which will determine the essence of the sessions. 

Finding hope within

Inside, you have everything you need.

Living with intention

You can truly design your life when you are intentional about it.

Inner peace mastery

Stay calm and relaxed when the world around you is falling apart.

Emotional Control

When you have emotional control - no one can control you.

Focus your attention

What you focus on expands. How to find the good in bad situations.

Control your awareness

Shift your perception of your life and your world.

Here's what freedom from fear looks like

Our clients experience life changing moments and that's why we're here

''You helped me transform my emotional wiring. Thank you.''

Nancy • USA

''I have never felt peace like this in my life.''

Allison • Canada

''I feel freer, lighter and stronger.''

Dalia • Thailand

''For the first time in my life, I don't care what other people think of me! Thank you''

Emma • UK

Session hours

Tuesdays: 11am MST

Thursdays: 6pm MST

Frequently asked questions...

What if I can't be hypnotized?

Very few people can't be hypnotized. These sessions are very relaxing and healing so whether you think you are in hypnosis or not, you will benefit. 

How should I prepare for the session?

We recommend comfortable seating and comfortable clothing. Mentally prepare at least 10 minutes before the session with positive intentions and expectations. Turn off all distractions. 

What if I can't make the session I paid for?

There are no refunds. You have a 24 hour window to reschedule and book a different session. 

Do I need special skills?

The only skill required for meditation beginners is the willingness to listen, learn, and be patient with one's progress.

      Session Dates And Times

          Tuesdays: 11 am PST - 12:30 pm

          Thursdays: 6 pm PST - 7:30 pm

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